The advantages of AMMANU LED lighting at a glance

Perfect color rendering

Constant light with no flicker

Dynamic light, automatic adept

Built in ventilation vents

Excellent quality


Made of recyclable materials

Short ROI (Return Of Investment)

Plug & Play connections

Very low EMI

No glare

Robust design

Minimum of 5 year warranty

European manufacturing

Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

AMMANU LED explained

Tuneable white light

AMMANU can provide the very best manmade light available to date, with the full colour spectrum of visible light and with light that can be adjusted from cool to warm. Because of this option we can create an energy boosting and natural atmosphere. This colour temperature adjustment, combined with a 0.1 to 100% intensity dimming capability, is a truly dynamic light. This light is also known as Human Centric Lighting (HCL). Through the capability of controlling light in these ways, we can positively influence a person’s environment; for example, a warm light relaxes people and a cool light with a high intensity makes them more active. It is generally accepted that in offices a well-adjusted light environment results in a higher productivity with fewer absentees and fewer accidents. In schools a teacher can use Tuneable White light to calm students down after a lunch break or to help them to concentrate better during an exam. In hospitals it can help to promote physical and emotional well-being.


Daylight gives us a full colour spectrum of light with subtle changes in colour temperature from dawn to dusk. It gives us powerful and uplifting energy for our body and mind during the day. Daylight is essential for us to function as human beings. Limited exposure to daylight can be the cause of Seasonal Affective Disorder. AMMANU works to replicate daylight as closely as is technically possible.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

A high CRI is the most important factor when we depend on the interpretation of a colour. Light sources with a high CRI reproduce the colours of objects as close as is possible to a natural light source, i.e., daylight. AMMANU LED lights have a minimum CRI of 87.


Like daylight, AMMANU’s LED Lights are light sources without any light flicker. Even when using PWM (pulse width modulation) to adjust the light intensity, the light output remains smooth. This means that the user of our lights will suffer less eye-fatigue and feel more comfortable in their environment.


Alpha Series

The fixtures in the Alpha Series give a new fresh look to an otherwise conventional reflector type recessed panel lights. The Alpha Series offers fixtures with general dynamic lighting that is optimal to learn and work.
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Aldini Series

The large robust fixtures from the Aldini Series complement our range of products. A very well designed retro design that has all the unique features of a AMMANU fixture.
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Littrow Series

The Littrow Series offers a range of big and small downlights spotlights with a unique appearance and high output. This is partly because the reflector floats in the housing.
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Sirius Series

The Sirius Series is our newest multifunctional spot that can be deployed at various locations. Of sports facilities, retail and healthcare to industrial applications.
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Proxima Series

The Proxima Module is a versatile product. With this module you can build every solution you want, ofcourse with the AMMANU quality and the Tunable White options.
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Preon Series

The Preon series is our latest multi-functional LED light line. This fixture can be attached to a ceiling or wall both via a bracket or pendant hanging system.
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