Cheap (disposable) products still dominate the market. This has to change fast
Cheap (disposable) products still dominate the market. This has to change fast
There is another way, with the knowledge and techniques of today
There is another way, with the knowledge and techniques of today



It is our ambition to become THE sustainable LED-producer in Europe and beyond. Cheap (disposable) products still dominate the market. This has to change fast, because the world is rapidly becoming polluted. We see another way; using up-to-date knowledge and techniques to minimise impact on the earth’s resources. So what can we do, as makers of light fittings, to contribute to a solution?

This is where the mission statement of AMMANU originates.


With this mission statement in mind AMMANU developed LED lighting with a long service life and that can be upgraded to extent that service life. We produce LED lights which are energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free and which are produced in a sustainable and ethical production environment. Above all, our product offers optimal Tuneable White light without any flickering. The light fittings are tuned to the human biorhythm and easily programmed in line with every unique setting and lighting needs of the target group. This is lighting that greatly improves the circumstances of living: work, care, learning, leisure and relaxation – your overall living experience.


AMMANU produces and develops LED lighting in-house in Europe. In this way we can maintain the quality of the whole process, from concept to end product. AMMANU uses innovative techniques in the development of our lighting solutions to achieve optimum light quality combined with a product that is low in energy consumption, maintenance and replacement costs. Our production is devoted to make indestructible LED lights with an excellent light output at a good price. Knowledge sharing and partnership is our starting point. Together with our customers we develop smart and intelligent lighting solutions for their lighting requirements. Because investing in LED lighting is not financially feasible for every organization that wants to become more sustainable, AMMANU offers the possibility to lease the LED lighting.

History and future

How it all started

The AMMANU story started in 2010. Two old friends – Niels Leijten and Michel Schrijvers – had been travelling together frequently and made several diving trips in various parts of the world. The beauty of the world under water brings them to very special places and it is in these fragile environments that the effect of the world’s pollution is particularly evident to them. During their trips to Asia they were confronted with children in Mercury mines that work for 12 hours per shift – conditions we find unthinkable at the start of the 20th century. These practicus of working and thinking are in Asia still normal in order to provide the western world with cheap products, full of polluting raw materials. These products pollute the environment and negatively impact the health of the workers producing, and the consumers, of these cheap products. The question became: does it have to be like this?

Passion for sustainability and a good product

The conviction grew that they could, and had to, do something more sustainable. The lifespan of electronic products is still getting shorter and the landfill sites are continuing to grow bigger. Even ‘durable’ LED lighting fails far too soon in their opinion. Furthermore they find that the possibilities of Tuneable White light, that is easy to use and install, is an area where worthwhile innovations can be made.

The team finds each other

From this philosophizing arises the desire to develop a durable, indestructible LED lighting solution. A solution that also incorporates the needs of Tuneable White lighting, with easy to regulate light output and colour temperature. But there were many technical challenges to overcome to make a quality product. This brought them into contact with an old college friend, Jan Vreenegoor. Jan had a long track record in sustainable development. He managed a technical engineering company in Ireland. After extensive research, he worked out how to overcome these initial problems and thereby achieving a long life for the LED’s in the light fittings. Jan’s former right hand in the company, the Slovak engineer Pavol Ondruska, had returned to Slovakia after his adventure in Ireland with his family. He took up the challenge of starting the production subsidiary of AMMANU..

The foundations were laid and after the start-up in 2011, the production started in the summer of 2012. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and production has doubled every year since the official formation of the company in 2013. AMMANU wants to build on this success and to secure a place in the growing market for sustainable LED technology. AMMANU operates from three branches: Sales from Oss, The Netherlands, R&D from Gorey, Ireland and production from Nitra, Slovakia.

The name AMMANU

The company name comes from the word ‘amanuensis’. This is the Dutch word for science teacher, the person who explains the science behind technology. This is exactly the goal of AMMANU. Not only the production of high quality LED-lighting, but also sharing knowledge with customers and a desire to co-create, as a partner, sustainable, energy efficient and cost saving LED-solutions.


AMMANU wants to make a statement about the consumer society we live in. They take inspiration from the first analogue electronics, such as the old Philips radio. A product life of 50 years was no exception for these first electronic products. The time is here for the world’s producers to deliver a fair product that contributes to a cleaner world. It can be done! AMMANU can do it!